Vibrate Resonate Activate

Quadrivium Resonance

Quantum Sound Production / Innovative quantum sound structures and devices for transformation/ Live Sonic Journeys / Conscious Consultation / Community Reciprocity

“Let Sound and Vibration be Thy Medicine”

Alchemizing the Ingredients of the Universe; Frequency, Rhythm, Vibration, Water,  Light, and Community. A vibrating, harmonized community organism ushers in the new dimensional mandalas.

SOUND PRODUCTION: Quadrivium Resonance, an organization that works within the fields of Sound, Vibration and Collective Co-Creation. Quadrivium Resonance works in Quantum Sound Production for Spiritual Teachers, Speakers, Actors, and Presenters. Striving to use the strength of the Individuals voice and message, and co-creating strategies that insert various recording/production technologies that support the goal of the clients. Contact For info


QUADRIVIUM BHODI Binaural Sound Recording Device

SOUND VIBRATION INNOVATIONS: Quadrivium Resonance Develops and Innovates Immersion Sound structures and devices. These developments are used for deep immersion experiences to support transformative sonic events.  Other technology developments are used to further advance areas of our unique recording potentials. Fully Immersive Sound domes that incorporate multiple areas of modern and ancient sound and vibrational resonance technologies to support whole human wellness and transformation.  Contact For info

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LIVE SONIC JOURNEYS: Quadrivium Resonance offers a variety of live QUANTUM SONIC JOURNEYS. From GONG Drum and Bowl Journeys, Full Quadrivium Sound Immersion Setups, TULIP – All World Kirtans and conscious events, and Drum Events. Quadrivium can be engaged to provide many levels of unique sound events that support groups such as, spiritual centers, yoga classes, company wellness events, and components of planned retreats of various modalities.  Contact For info


CONSCIOUS CONSULTATIONS: Quadrivium Resonance also supports internal company “organisms” with wellness programs and initiatives that works within specific organizations and cultures to determine where the culture can best be supported, thru sound events, specifically programmed listening experiences, Organism consultations on areas of Conscious culture building, Affirmative Manifestation, Empowered Communication, Group Meditations and Dream Journeys, Drum Making and more. Groups, teams, and organisms that align their methods of wellness and reciprocity as a whole, are far more likely to succeed in larger goals and initiatives.   Contact For info


Quadrivium Resonance as a core belief strives to engage in Affirmative Gratitude Reciprocity. As an internal compass for distilling all developments and further using this concept to support outward growth in any manner of growth. We use Affirmative Gratitude Reciprocity to determine where we can be a benefit to our community by offering our core services to those underserved or marginalized. Supporting areas of homeless, imprisoned, violence survivors, substance abuse, and other areas in need. We utilize our various movement vehicles of TULIP ( The Unconditional Love Inception Project) and Enlightened Road Conversations to integrate, Sound, Group Singing, and empowerment conversations to open the paths to deeper insight wellness and unity.

The Quadrivium Arts as taught by Pythagoras, first following the first trivium of study on the path of Truth Beauty and Goodness thru the committed learning of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. The Advanced study of the Liberal Quadrivium Arts; Numbers, Geometry, Harmony, and Astronomy all exploring the deeper investigations of where the soul has specifically returned in its infinite cosmic learning journey, returning the components of ones being back into wholeness, and recognizing the continuity of one’s consciousness. All of this in fulfillment of the ascent back to Unity.


Quadrivium Resonance is committed to Whole Human Wellness, thru Advanced Sonic development, the sharing and integration of Ancient and Modern musical Technology, and layering in aspects of the Quadrivium Arts In; SOUND, VIBRATION Geometry, and Cosmology. QR intends to support all those who seek Wholeness and Wellness thru a deeper personal inner relationship and recognition of all aspects of the self and community and to aid in the search for Personal and Sentient Unity thru Sound, Vibration and Resonance in personal and community organism empowerment and development.