Many Kitchen Tales to Come

The Intention,

To chronicle an event, to share tales of old, entertain, enlighten and unfold. The truth is, I am not sure what will happen here on these pages as we do our best to tell the tale of a growing, conscious and intentional food company, led by an interesting blend of unlikely humans. True Nature Kitchen, the chugging high prana, living food engine of the extraordinary True Nature Healing Arts center in Carbondale Colorado, just a few roaring river paddles downvalley from Aspen colorado. Together we will journey thru the veils, over the edges, and off the cliffs into many unknowns. The unknowns of choosing to do something very differently, to see what we may see. Intrigued? Me too. Lets just say, were off to see the wizard, with courage, heart, and brains seeking love and higher vibrations.  Ill be your guide, a 30 plus year, kitchen battle scarred Chef, and conscious food advocate, David “Starbear” called by many in my career as the kitchen zenchef. I wish i could say that I have earnestly lived up to that serene name every day of my many year career, but my life has been in professional kitchens and food advocacy in some bitter situations. A bit like looking for a meditation practice at a hockey game. And, surely like you, I do my best.   So, hang on if you want or so desire. we are sure it will be one hell of an adventure. And we are excited to share it. See ya soon

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