Sacred Fest 2015 Opening Invocation

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Great Spirit,

We are thankful for this beautiful day, this breath and this life,

We offer gratitude to our dear mother earth, and the many beings and precious gifts she endlessly provides to us as she bears our weight and holds us so contained and loved. 

Today we call upon the celestial Realms

Angelic beings, Ancestors, Galactic Families…

Planetary Guides and Ascended Masters to bless all sentient beings and be present with us this Sacred Fest Weekend.

With our inner eyes open, let us all remember to breath deep,.. life affirming breaths and feel the presences of love all around us

Let us imagine together on this day, in this moment,

An enlightened and awakened planet committed to Unity, Ascension and Love.

Spirit help us all to choose to awaken and remember our divine and grand existence. Remind us of our limitless true nature, our harmonious natural state and the universal origins of light from which we all are indigenous

Remind us as all as we look up at the celestial caverns of stars and planets afar, that we are all loved infinitely for this sacred journey we walk together, and that our perspective, observations and blessings are the true chalice of wisdom that all of creation seeks in this grand experience of evolution

 Help us see beyond the limited sight of our human eyes, deep into the cosmic heartbeat and connectedness that our unaffected presence provides us

May we all Surrender our addictions to separation and division, and move towards cooperation and unity.

Let us all choose together to shift now from the contrast of darkness towards the womb of awakened light

May we find the courage to complete this necessary path of transmuting fear into love

And embrace the absolute nectar in this lifetime of dreams, connections and exponential creativity

Spirit, Remind us that the path of empowerment, emancipation and sovereignty is in and thru ourselves resonating to the infinite sound of all of creation

And that by choosing each moment to 

Incept gratitude love and compassion, and clear our heavy emotions we allow for the vibrations of the ascended realms to incarnate.

Help us use this infinitely divine crystalline hearts to enhance our intuition and begin to see and feel beyond the thin realms and veils between us and the heavens and ascended beings, that we contracted and agreed to forget, UNTIL NOW! May we now adjust our focus to see the divine feminine whom is lovingly waiting in the heart space, may we open the closed doors and welcome her back home into our hearts

TODAY,May we invoke love and compassion and tirelessly seek wisdom and kindness

And the courage to embrace the deep conviction that there is no moment too uncomfortable or should ever be deemed inappropriate to use, share, speak and harmonize with, and in love.

Bless us in this container of our community sacred fest to remind us that love is the way thru and home.

May there be peace for all sentient beings 


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