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In a dramatic turn of Political Events

LOVE is nominated, and advocates for EVERYBODY 

Conscious Party Lead Candidate, “NOBODY” has decided in an act of selflessness and true concern for the people, that in the presence of a better-suited, conscious candidate, NOBODY will step down as the Leading 2016 Presidential Candidate. The party has pointed to LOVE to take us home.

In full acceptance of the nomination LOVE has reached out to EVERYBODY to join the race and run as second in command. LOVE has also requested that NOBODY works for free to offer its many years of experience as campaign manager. LOVE believes that enrolling EVERYBODY, while convincing NOBODY that this is the best possible candidacy.

Party Leaders agree that in LOVE, EVERYBODY, when elected and properly empowered will work with LOVE to earnestly guide the people towards a brilliant new future.

The overall Conscious Party consensus is that LOVE will make the best global presidential hopeful with EVERYBODY. NOBODY is currently considering diligently continuing on as campaign manager, and promoting all prior political platforms promises. This will give ample space for supporting LOVE/EVERYBODY by handling the mundane business as usual nature of drama driven, and wagging the dog political theater that NOBODY admits to creating and truly enjoying.
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LOVE will work Tirelessly to Empower and Emancipate willing constituents And Empowering EVERYBODY to stand up to the misaligned powers that reign control and question all current paradigms and failing institutions

LOVE will work to support the means of dispelling fear in and of each other, allowing EVERYBODY to work towards abolishing division, racial tensions and separatist views.

LOVE will seek the establishment of truth and transparency and integrity, Allowing EVERYBODY to demand and reveal the suppression of truth below the surface of our leadership’s current constructs

LOVE will seek to awaken the sleeping masses to realize its own power and advocate for personal sovereignty, Encouraging EVERYBODY to actively campaign that you are a powerful individual, and when aligned with others, can change anything you focus on. 

LOVE will continue to open paths to personal freedom while supporting EVERYBODY to encourage seeking personal definition, service and purpose.

LOVE will support creating paths for personal sovereignty thru all compassionate belief systems allowing EVERYBODY to engage freely in spiritual and religious practice that supports everyone 

LOVE will incept Conscious Reciprocity and True JusticeUplifting EVERYBODY to focus on insuring Fairness and Justness in our World 

LOVE will uphold Economic compassion. Fiscal equality and Fair trade, engaging EVERBODY to advocate for universal abundance, and the removal of hoarding, greed, competition and lack mentality

LOVE’s campaign will work to encourage you to seek self-empowering wisdom and knowledge opening doors for EVERYBODY to do what it takes for you and every citizen to take advantage of this preordained right to knowledge and information that elevates us all 

LOVE will compel EVERYBODY to embrace the courage to approach conflict and hard changes with compassion and a firm commitment to EVERYBODY’s Peace and Wellbeing

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And in the Background, former candidate NOBODY, whose unreleased last name is ELSE, has agreed to handle the following on the campaign trail

NOBODY ELSE will do all the work for you

NOBODY ELSE will continue to work towards preserving your Basic Rights

NOBODY ELSE will continue to work towards an end to Poverty

NOBODY ELSE will continue to seek compassionate and diplomatic resolve to world crisis

NOBODY ELSE will work towards justice and fairness for you

NOBODY ELSE will insure that you live creatively, in bliss, and striving towards the HUMAN dream of a peaceful, joyful life worth living. 

NOBODY ELSE will work Harder than LOVE joined by EVERYBODY to bring Peace, Kindness and Resolve to our declining and unbalanced global situations and continued division as a people.

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The “Undefined Party” Candidates SOMEBODY and ANYBODY have been fickle on the fence about where to align they’re political policies. The unclear, under spoken and sometimes easily swayed nominee, EVERYBODY has yet to fully align to LOVE’s focused and empowered cause. This is mainly due to the fact that EVERYBODY has been infected with the belief that SOMEBODY’s once cooperative, community dreams of Avalon Eden and Camelot, has been long lost and that for many years, NOBODY has stepped forward to RE-Affirm hope. Because of their deep differences, SOMEBODY has become disillusioned and is always quick to sling mud at EVERYBODY and ANYBODY’s diversity and perspectives. SOMEBODY has also over the years taken cheap undermining tactics towards LOVE. SOMEBODY over the years has continued to stress that EVERYBODY is a lesser candidate and swears that ANYBODY, even an inferior SOMEBODY will always be better than EVERYBODY to maintain ignorance and lead the “ill-informed”. SOMEBODY still aligns heavily to the belief that LOVE, as normally viewed and portrayed, is an idealistic illusion and a political absurdity. SOMEBODY often argues that LOVE embraces a platform that rests only to jeopardize and destabilize the current delicate balance of ruling a blind, disempowered group of citizens thru smoke, mirrors and fear. SOMEBODY has even been quoted in attacking EVERYBODY within party lines stating, “ANYBODY, with this much independent personal belief and power is always a threat to SOMEBODY, perhaps even EVERYBODY”. Especially if EVERYBODY were to truly believe this interdependent and cooperative precept. In a brief moment of positivity, SOMBODY has shared that there is a strong party belief that NOBODY should hold or wield independent, unchecked, and imbalanced power over others. SOMBODY always goes on to say that if ANYBODY would stand up in Truth and Integrity, SOMEBODY would muster the courage to Advocate for EVERYBODY, and perhaps, then SOMEBODY would be finally convinced to stand for LOVE.

LOVE realizes and  whole-heartedly hopes that EVERYBODY would consider joining LOVE as running mate and aligning to LOVE’s Simple Messages. LOVE however stands firmly on the platform that the path to EVERYBODY’s Heart and mind is to allow the space to either Believe or Deny LOVE’s True Nature and innocent diplomatic intentions. LOVE also knows ANYBODY could run an honest, bi-partisan campaign and selflessly and honestly lead others if the right conditions prevailed. LOVE stands strong in the belief that when EVERBODY is defined, empowered and peacefully radical, than EVERYBODY, ANYBODY and even the cynical SOMEBODY would thrive in LOVE”s simple and compassionate campaign messaging.

In various civil rally’s, LOVE has gone on record with: LOVE will not try to curtail ANYBODYS freewill, nor attempt to convince or sway SOMEBODY or even ANYBODY to follow LOVES movement.

LOVE has shared on many occasions in numerous settings that “Truth needs no belief to exist, only codswallop does”, and therefore prefers that NOBODY blindly follows LOVE, Until SOMEBODY agrees that LOVE is available to ANYBODY and needs EVERYBODY in this campaign.

LOVE has stated that it is open and accepting to any and all political outcomes, provided that SOMEONE, ANYONE and EVERYONE is included in LOVES election process, and that NO-ONE is left cold, hungry, without shelter or abandoned.


PAID for and Endorsed By NOBODY

Views ex-pressed Open to ANYBODY

In the Heart believed by EVERYBODY



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