12 Days of Revealing Xmas

xmas sweatshop.jpg

image: Sweatshop Xmas Workshop by Ben Jennings


On the first day of Xmas

Which Freaking seems to start in May

The First smells of Peppermint and Pine Tree Fires Micro Bursts of Annoyance

Deep Inside my Alerted, Grinch Tainted Brain

On The second Day of Xmas

Which Rapidly Ensues

I find myself tripping over Freshly Stocked Halloween Candy

While Enduring Incredibly premature Jingle-y Tunes 

On the third day of Xmas

The Grocery Store Shamelessly displays

Selections of ribbon tied Thanksgiving Turkeys

Anthropomorphically seated and steering a, glitter caked, holiday sleigh 

On the fourth Day of Xmas

My buttons are three quarters pushed

As I clamber over lights and glass ornaments

To reach pumpkin pie adorning mini marshmallows, now thoroughly squoosh-ed 

ON the fifth day of Xmas

My soul starts sinking and I become enraged

As I carelessly watch stampeding black Friday videos

And observe a culture at its most lost and depraved 

On the sixth day of Xmas

Preposterous awakens and emerges full force

As billboards and Internet spamming

Bait and coerce

To cheerfully purchase outside our means and local sources

So as to patriotically save the economy, and boost stocks and shareholder reporting’s 

On the seventh Day of Xmas

My Senses under full assault, now Begin to Hurt

As the Xmas Tree vendor religiously preaches, “HE’S the Reason For the Season”

Meanwhile grabbing everyone’s money while sporting an UP YOURS, Death Metal T-Shirt 

On the eighth day of Xmas

I’m now feeling morally exhausted

Beholding guilt that is tightly gift-wrapped, in contrived Generosity

Despite whatever ethical crisis it’ll ultimately cost you and me

Toys created by foreign slaves

Blenders ripped from the hands of babes

A slap to the mouth, A jerk on the hair

Department store violence,

Culturally Justified by saving pennies anywhere

Meanwhile, standing outside the mayhem

Stand three homeless Wiseman

Staring into the human aquarium

Stomachs rumbling, Hands extending

Observing what appears to be

A world that is ending 

On the ninth Day of Xmas

I make a conscious choice to no longer kvetch or outwardly speak

All my judgment, anger and sadness

Is engaging insanity, depression and is making me weak 

On the tenth Day of Xmas

I earnestly create personal commitments

Seeking ways to balance this utter madness in my self

And create solutions thru my own conscious and peaceful, consumer resistance

On the eleventh Day of Xmas

I am visited by a ghost of a xmas epiphany

The core ambition of any holiday Frenzy, albeit sadly distorted

Is humanity’s desire to share love, connection and divinity

JOY is fundamental to us all,

We are all wired for compassion

Even though it often seems hidden

And intolerably out of fashion

Our nature as humans

When at our very best

To do good for others

To encourage, -provide, -protect

On the twelfth day of Xmas

I romantically dream

Everyone is equal,

Acknowledged and seen

Everything needed for a person to thrive

Is available to all, without greed or class to deprive

Free to explore our brilliant potential

A community of one, embracing diversity and cooperation

As undeniably essential

Freed from illusions of financial burden

From Chasing Warm Shelter, Food, and raising our children

All tending to each other

And this Dear mother earth garden

Not just in December, but all days of the year

Our Greatest gift Being Presence without judgment,

Minus Fear

Tis the infinite truth of our intrinsic potential

When we are one

We are Love – Xmas Spirit Quintessential

David Starbear

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