Alchemist Gold

Last Moon sets as she recedes to slumber

And begins to dream

In the watery constructs appears a vision

Potentials, intertwined in kindled beings

The road unfolds, the path reveals,

Fears appear only to notice, then penitently kneel

For on the road, two masters arrive

Living, expanding reflecting outward that love is still well

And alive

Not just alive, nonetheless, strong and robust

Sharing light into others a message;believe and trust

Found surfaced on the sacred waters, lakes of conviction, oceans of surrender,

Lay the keys to redemption, just unlock the doors and the goddess will enter

A warming touch from her loving hand beckons all to awaken to the richness of

Wholeness between woman and man

The grand illusions of this disconnected paradigm painted with lifetimes

On baroque, limiting framed mirrors

Begin to crackle and shatter as primal drums pound,

Smoke retreats and blurry eyes clear

And the songs and sounds of love from the mother,

Joins the rain, the wind, the fire, the thunder

Ceremony Ensues

Hearts open, beating, racing, expanding, and bleeding

Lungs engorged, burning, breathing, laughing, and screaming

Sacred chants emerge from the inner chambers of the once reclusive

Ancient beings

And fill the landscape and voices with the promises and potentials

Woven deep into the fabric of everything visible, and even more unseen

“I AM”,

The world begins to cry holding hands, devoted to tranquility,

Together rewriting the mantras that are the passage to unity

We fear not heartache, death, conflict or love

For within the transmuting of fear lies the

Genuine Alchemists Gold


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