As Tears Flow (life of a tear)

As Tears Flow

Life’s tears, they do fall

Sugar from the sky,

Salt from the eye,

They blend in a dance of destiny that consecrates the very mother they caress,

And gives life to all the creatures, plants and souls, with love,

They bless.

Merging with all earth’s waters making way to the seas regal plateau.

Love is the “only” journey,

Love is the endless flow,

Love is the natural instincts in which they’re joining create.

In the rivers they roar, congregating in strength, creating the very landscapes they forge.

In the oceans they fall in reverence to the goddess moon, bowing and rising as each wave surrenders its majestic life to the shore.

In the calm bottoms of lakes and streams they coalesce in primordial bliss to support life struggling, gestating, and emerging to express.

And in the heat and radiance of the grandfather suns glow, the drops choose ascension and shift from dense matter to ethereal essence,

Sharing all waters journey with creator,

And begin yet another path towards unity and presence.

The power of choice granted to each droplet never finding a moment of hesitation

As a tree, a rock, or body of earth present separation.

Love is the choice, the impeccable dream,

The water travels, surrenders, nourishes, and returns upstream.

And deeply embedded in the cells of every salty, sugary tear,

The soul of every rain bead this Mantra we all inherently know,

Love is the journey

Love is the flow

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