Fallen Feathers

Double Drop D                               Fallen Feathers

There’s a vortex of confusion,

And its spinning round the center of my soul

That terrifying roar

Rips shingles off complacent hiding holes

My hands are dirty covered

As I search for my faith at the bottom of a hefty bag

Another stretch of days like these

And the little hope I’m cherishing, might just slip away

Chorus Bridge

Desperation settles in

Between the mortar of my spirits skin

Pillars crumble under violent feet

But the daily grind doesn’t miss a beat

Scribbled confessions of a broken heart

Set sail on folded paper boats

Full steam down stormy gutter drains

On the lonely streets of sorrow

At the intersection of

Remorse, disbelief and   shame

There’s an angel lying in the street

In a pile of fallen feathers ripped out,   by loves defeat

(BREATH) And the photo in her shattered hand

Shows gravestones of her children stolen away   by a broken man

(break)False prophets jaded guru dance

Encased by devotees and zealot sycophants

They all soapbox their positions

While they trample on the children who were slayed, loong before they’re time


If any morals live in this madness

for the sake of all I truly hope we find em soon

Idly advocating violence

Only anchors rampant sickness in our minds

Hopelessness only aids defeat

In a world more than ever that cant afford…….. any more retreats

But a world resolved to birth-ing peace

Can unite as one, and restore our loving……. Heartbeats



We can choose, to make a difference In our world 3x

feed a man who needs to eat     Shoe a childs barefoot feet

Give a helping hand to a soul in need   give loving smiles to all we meet

Commit to love our enemies put down our hate put away the greed

Make a friends of everyone we meet, just laugh and dance in the street

Pray an end to war pray an end to hate Just pray for love and pray for peace

And we can choose, to make a difference in our world 3x

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