I am calling to spirit

I am calling to spirit, to show me how to live!
I am calling to spirit to help me live this life as an example.

I ask of spirit to show me the courage and humility to stand in the light of total surrender. Help me to understand the true nature of my existence, my being without fear or judgment.

In this lifetime I am calling to you spirit, to help me stand outside of this experience and be a supporting, unconditionally loving and accepting witness to these things I see.

I ask you to help me

trust the form in the formless

see the path in the flow

the surrender in the light

Show me how to live unconditionally

Thru love,

Thru service, acceptance, compassion

And love

Show me how to live in loving connection to al that surrounds me

Help me to surrender away my illusions of attachments.

Help me face this fear of survival and willingness to be nurtured by all of lifes resources.

And as you reveal these things to me

I will walk stronger and in the absence of fear

And firmer to my path knowing that we are walking together.



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