I am Here

I am here

Staring at the fragmented chaos of the past

Uncertain, unsure and completely unacquainted with the future,


Firmly, entirely, and deeply rooted in this presence, this breath,

This moment!

Each of the three divinely intertwined

And at the same time

Absent of relation or relevance to the others purpose.

When I walk obscured wearing the spectacles of the past,

The future falters, and

The moment’s escape unnoticed, unappreciated


When the illusions of the future rush me towards the

Infinite odds of the waterfalls edge,

Presence succumbs in the un-swimmable rapids

And drowns unnoticed.

But in this moment with

Lungs filled

Heart Pounding

Skin tingling

Emotions ablaze

And all of life expressing

The richness and rewards of the soul bestows

gratitude thrives

presence dawns

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