Iris and the Chamomile

Iris and the Chamomile  / Lyrics

Flowers laughing, dancing in the sun

Unaware that a war rages on

Colors in the sky lay out a perfect stage

For a theatre of love, in a universal play


Moonlit water caresses Gaia’s tender skin

She’s holding prayers for the pain her children live in

Revealing magic in every flowers heart

Her love is endless, even in the midst of dark



Is is special is it real,

The Iris asks the chamomile

Yes my dear just close your eyes

And hear the dreams sweet lullabies


We are love and we are peace

The loving sound that flows creates the sacred dream

We are light and we are stars

A flowers windswept dance, connects us all


Raindrops twirl and spin while diving towards the sea

A graceful ballet of bliss and ecstasy

And while the dance goes on, mother reaches out her arms

She sprinkles loving water on the flower children’s hearts


A Fragrant warming winds strolls around the trees and moon

A gentle wakeup call to the flowers lover hummingbird

Passion embraces as the lovers enter trance

The world awakens In a universal romance

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