may i never take for granted

Nepal 2013

May I never take for granted

The smallest wrinkle in your smile,

The blackest night of your hair

Or the magic in your eyes.

May every heartbeat in our distance

Bring a teardrop to my eye

I vow every sunrise without your kisses

Every sun fall without your voice

Will never be my hearts decision

Never be my willing choice

May my eyes always find you,

In busy, crowded places

May the river of love

Overflow my heart

And reveal times endless spaces.

May my every breath remember

How long I have loved you

As an adorer and a friend.

May every act of my intentions

Reflect my gentle, soulful wind

I pray you will still love me if I’m broken

And lead me if I’m blind

That you still love me when I feel helpless

And remind me when to shine

I pray the little storms that may wet us

Will eventually remind

That the lotus roots are strongest

When loves bottom is impossible to find.

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