A hard Loving Scene at a kitchen Table

Deep in the heart, of Mexico

A humble Simmering pot of the evening’s meal

And just a handful of last year’s corn to Sew

Of course no one speaks the fear, (pause)

No one says, I’m scared my dear,

But just outside the door, the simple life they love and adore

Is in Jeopardy, —-


And the mother seeds are praying, for the Hero’s to Rise



Storms of change comes when the cold colors rain

Sometimes the sky is crying from the cruelest pains

From abandonment,

and control

And when the people turn and choose to sleep

The Silent Hollow wolves… feast upon the meek


Now less than fifty years ago

Not a soul would believe that their precious seeds could go

So many hopes and dreams traded in the end

Now the heart of a culture teeters toward the edge

Of course no one owns the blade

A pact splintered leaders made (pause)

Now sewn deeply in the soil

Are years of apathy and foils

Reaping poverty, —-

Desperate prayers

And the Mother Seeds are fading

In the fields of despair



IT takes a village to raise a life

The same is true; to wrong what’s right

And in the end all truth resounds

And unties the bands that false plots are bound

AS the few become the many

And brave the stones of disbeliefs

The skies do clear and save our mother seeds



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