Too Many


Too many Days

With our fists up in the air

To many days

With anger ringing in our ears

To many ways

To feel abandoned and alone

Is this life we are living, Really the one we choose


Too many creatures

Take a last breath in the sand

Too many remnants

Carved out of sacred land

Too many reasons

Not to take a stand

Is our presence on this planet, calling in the desperate times


When we all learn to live in Harmony

We are healing worlds within

When our care for one another

Shines brightly into space,

That’s when love ( that’s when love)

Makes us greater than ourselves


Too many rumors

Striking fear into our hearts

Too many countries

That can blow the world apart

Too many leaders

Making war a holy art

are the reflections that entertain us, worth the soulless costs?


Too many people

Are starving in the street

Too many children

Sleep on dirt without a sheet

Too many eyes

Looking past the pain and hate

                                                                        Does it take practice to ignore a helpless hand


Chorus x2

Our world is crying out

Who is listening?

Our world is crying out

Who is listening?

Global cries from children’s eyes

Are you there, yes im here.

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