Backseat Landscapes

Backseat landscapes

Pick out your favorite daydreams, does a river run between

Does the sunlight warm the hillside, are the seconds sharp and clean

Can you close your eyes and get there, does it tape up all the tears

Does it was away the lonely, places you scream to share

Will you make me up a potion, that will bring me near to you

Or is the landscape secret, blooming yellow just for you


OOOH and I iii iah take a breath of my own darkness

That I hang on to so tight

And I add the constant pressure, that twist me up inside

And I turn it into

Turn it into,

turn it into .. Light


Just open up your mind and dream, walk your path of peaceful mountain greens

And ill let all the planets know your coming, to drown out all their sheen

And am I just another , passing scene

In the eyes of a child, in the backseat of a car

Confused by all the road signs,

asking mommy and daddy

Just how far,

… back to you



When the mist in the morning, is denser than the trees

And all I see from this highpoint, is you next to me

I looking down across the gaping, distances in time


What would a normal man do

Would he swim across an ocean, of sweat and tears and love

And where are you?


Well I hope to god your near,

Even when Im far away

So I close my eyes to get there

But my heart it tears away

So I spread my arms to fly, but im falling faster now

And then you start to cry and a warm wind blows around me

And it raises up my flight

and it brings me there to you

And I catch your tears….

Except for one, except for one

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