Homes in the Heartspace

Homes in the HeartSpace

In the home of my heart, I’m building the heart of a home

I’m bending time and space, just to get back to the place of warmth

Rings and castles on foreign coasts

Dreams of camelot and lovers boats

The gift of presence brings us to the gate,

Love so real, it makes us weep and shake


We’re coming home,

Footsteps through the threshold of infinity

We’re building homes in the HeartSpace (x3)

That’s why were livin here, today and now

Every trouble in my soul, is like a nail pounded down

In the foundation, of my life, of my life.

I swan dive from the clouds into a sea of green,

Watching the something better part of my dreams

Life’s the playground where friends and lovers meet


In the cradle of the dream, we are all enlightened beings

And hold the power, of creation and love unseen.

When the fears come crashing in, and our courage is wearing thin

Surrenders fire guides us through



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