Our galactic family is here

Our Galactic Family is here.

We Can see them if we look internally, we can feel them if we are vibrating in love.

They are not here to fix, remedy or repair they are here to support what we all know how to do.

Self-Empowerment and Sovereignty can only be found and created from within.


When we are exceptionally present

When we are extraordinarily compassionate

When we vibrate exclusive TO and IN love


It is then that we will adjust our visions to see our ancestral galactic, lunar and star family. The reflective ancient beings and supporters of ascension are already here, and have been for a frame of time and space unfamiliar to us in this human form. It is now time for us to all step into focus towards each other. Remember our divinity that we all elected to forget to make this challenging yet necessary experience of learning and discovery believable so that these fruits of knowing that will long serve us all.

The Journey towards each other has long been complete. The recalibrated mission is to slow the inertia and momentum it took to cover the vast distances to locate each other on this solitary fertile seed planet in this endless haystack of space between planets and stars. Slow down, breath and focus on being present. Encourage each moment, and step away from the many distractions that lead us away from our presence and our selves.


The angelic congregations, the star gatherings and the galactic conclave are intact, and we are now all here, gathered and ready for unity, for ascension, for love. All players, actors and participants, observers and guides are here to witness the unfolding of this great freewill experiment. And now to honor the millions of steps forward our families of galactic beings have made to get here, we earthlings must now take our own steps forward to meet them, to see them, and to step fully into our ancient agreements and commitments.


A way for us earthlings to support our star family is to faithfully discontinue our futile search outside of ourselves for empowerment, emancipation and sovereignty. The way out is IN and THRU. We must all consider the importance of turning on the universes greatest creation, our powerful crystal antennae of intuition and discernment, our hearts. We should now direct our divine and essential knowing inward. The blessed and extraordinary contrast that we hold from living this dense experience is the rewarded key to unlock the higher dimensional doors of all of creation.


Our galactic family waits within, deep within, not external, and not separate, not without.

Our ancestors, supporters and multidimensional family reside just outside a micro thin curtain of dimensions. They have traveled great distances to support us, and now we must open the final doors and allow them in. Just as we as humans cannot dwell for long below the un-breathable surface of water without help and support, our galactic family cannot reside for long periods in the depths of our heavy dimensional paradigm. And just as the perfectly blended air we breathe is heavily saturated with oxygen in order for us to exist, our star family can only inhabit and survive in an atmosphere heavily saturated in love and compassion.


Our humanity continues to stare intently at the skies and scour our electronically data based world for mere glimpses of our brothers and sisters. We stare upward looking for their ships, or listen for tales of fantastic encounters that will definitively or desperately prove to ourselves that we are not alone. Searching for what we inherently and instinctively already know deep inside. We are part of something grandiose and larger than this experience.

Certainly there are growing numbers of signs that our family and many realms of beings are all around. Yet, the brevity and mystery of these encounters supports the knowing of the limited time they can bear to dwell in this extreme density. It is here that we as humanity must unite to usher and welcome them in further.


They are here to support our grand purpose in this experience of a million lifetimes. They are here to share wisdom far beyond our limited beliefs of being isolated and alone. When we are quiet they will always immediately remind us how loved honored and blessed we are for engaging in such a difficult passage of elevating love and consciousness in such heavy gravity. All sentient beings of creation will benefit from this long journey, which is why we are always surrounded and provided with support and encouragement whenever we are humble enough to ask.


One potential for humanity to open the curtain and re-unite with our galactic family, is to clear the turbulent smog of our internal emotional landscape. We must help generate the clear loving atmosphere that our brethren require so that we can once again be united. The high rich air of love and compassion will certainly fine-tune our dimensional lenses to once again perceive them all.


Everything beyond our infinite dreams and aspirations resides behind one single mustard seed of faith and belief, in our own passion, creativity, and brilliance and ultimately in ourselves. When we all carry the unshakable knowing of innocent unconditional love, consideration and cooperation our desire to live, as one in a harmonious compassionate community will regenerate this dense landscape into one that we intrinsically have always known as home.


Of course this endeavor sometimes feels difficult and impossible to comprehend when we view the world around us. The unspeakable and horrifying conditions we have all co-created. There is truth knowing that many constructs were already in place when we incarnated in to this current form. However over the long pages of this novel of lifetimes, we all agreed, we all created and committed to what must be accomplished. We each have played many roles in this play. IT is of course very difficult sometimes to believe that we are all supporting polarities of light and dark. We each have a responsibility as protagonist and antagonist. This remains imperative as we must flesh out every vision, every stone of experience and discovery both light and dark to truly illuminate the contrast that we all agreed to engage here. We are all family, we are all one, and only thru this dynamic and extreme experience are we able to truly taste the nectar of divinity and propel creation into the vast new dimensions that wait.



As we continue to dispel fear and surrender our addiction and fascination with separation and division we will till and seed the fertile Gaia soil together as one. When we choose to collectively incept gratitude, love and compassion, we will clear the murky atmosphere of our emotions and separation and hold the frame for a new era. As we work as a human family to incubate and propel the birth of balanced and divinely feminine love into our planet and ourselves our family will move from translucent and distant to present and tangible.


All conscious beings from all reaches of the universe now currently incarnated and indigenous to mother earth awaken. As we hold an intention of love, peace and cooperation as a prioritized global commitment, the reflections of our galactic star family will reverberate into full focus. We will then congregate around the firesides of millions of stars and suns and share what wisdom and perspective we have all gathered. We will tell the fantastic tales of our grand journey thru darkness, thru disbelief, fragility, disempowerment fear and dissension. And as we sip together from the wine of wisdom and contrast, we will once again assemble in unity in the comforting womb of this infinitely creative and loving universe.


Invoke a personal Interdependent ReLOVEution

Awaken Evolve Love


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