Attuning Ourselves to the Souls Around Us

Ananda Soul Sound Connection


We are all,

Each one of us,

Wonderful symphonies of sounds and vibrations playing to the audience of a much larger universal orchestra

Everything about us is a resonant tune, starting with the rhythm of our beating hearts and the rise and fall of our every breath.

The sounds of our emotions,

Our actions,

And even perceptions, observations, beliefs and judgments all carry a frequency that can be heard by all of life, all of creation.

We are all an alchemical and energetic relationship to all that is thru the very music of our lives.

Thru these vibrations and tones we call in and attract like sounds and frequencies.

We call toward us the reflections that guide our inner journey, our souls purpose, and the work of the divine plan that we have all co-created.


With this unlimited and infinite potential to design our very existence with the sounds of our thoughts, what shall we choose to create?

Will we create the music of love in our hearts?

Will we choose to vibrate to the delicate strings of forgiveness and compassion?

Will the bells of peace resonate in our daily actions?

Can we create beautiful songs and manifest a new loving world by aligning our high vibrations with others?



With the willingness to feel the world thru the subtle yet rich connections that we all share,

What do you imagine our loving new world to look like?

What do you Envision it could be if we are all attuned to the same vibration.


We invite you, if you are willing, to close your eyes and see your heart beating.

Imagine it is a divine instrument of your choice

Hear the sounds your heart is creating while in this space of love

Imagine sending this sound to everyone in the room, in our town, to the world and beyond.

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