Be a Mountain Be a Voice

Be a Mountain

Be a voice


Em slide to 3fret

Its Not always simple to quiet disheartened minds

In the clatter of our cultures demands for time

Well these days

These trying days

Red sky days

Seems to take a tidal wave to shutdown the screens,

Help rip our gazes from the illusions of smarter machines

economic slavers now trading surrendered souls for stuff

Placing shackles of gravity on our wings

What is truly enough


Em /amsus

Out of time a

and timed delays

The sun will rise

Either way


A sus c Em

For the Heart of the universe has no clock

When the Shakti’s dance and soar above the rocks

Lunar surges surfs the crystal waters ( hang on c)   inside us all

Be a mountain

Be a voice



Something in the quiet spaces

Beckons deep from within the void

Asking us to

Pay close attention to our choices, our intentions and

Our words

Rise above confusion and chaos, open up your thoughts

Break thru the deceptions, break open these magical hearts

Choose to be a mountain

Choose to be a voice


Choose to be a lighthouse

A beacon of love

Choose to be a Giver

In Service to those

Choose to be present

representing change

Chooses to be a being

others can trust

Be Compassion

And A channel to source

Be a Mountain

Be a Voice

In these times , doing our best is not enough

We must do what is necessary


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