Cooperations Seeds


Close your eyes and visualize

The things you want to be

Imagine everything is possible

We Are all born to be free

Angels wings tucked away and hiding

waiting for just one of us to see

It only takes that one true believer

To open the skies

And spread these wings


Up beat

Im dancing on forever

While I wander round this world

Watched hundreds of happy children

Making playgrounds with little more than dirt

Seen a t least a million reasons

To spread gratitude on the earth


And the backward and the forward

The middle and between

building brides over mountains

With fabrics of diversity

Considerate compassion

Are cooperation’s   seeds



Is it true?

Is it kind?

Is it necessary?

Does it exhale love?


Embedded in us deeply,

Are the reasons were all alive

Experience separation

And struggle thru our pride

Then reconnect our heartbeats

Is how this loving planet truly thrives?


Slower, light strum

We have all lived long enough

to tell this amazing tale

Plunging thru a star filled ocean

and being swallowed by a whale

overcome the dark and lonely feelings

to ride this titan by the tail

chorus,   fin bridge

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