Emotional Battlefield

Emotional Battlefield


Here it is Again an emotional battlefield

Bleedin hearts and broken souls lay desperate all around

Cant help but wonder

Who started this war


Watered eyes and broken ties

Fill my head with constant cries

A condition of the warfare

Are there truces on the other side



When does it end

When does the calm set in

When do all the things remembered

Become one with who we are

And all the lies

The stabbing words

Sinking ships and burning bridges

Not matter any more


Staring at memorial shelves

Of lost ones and loved ones

And Pictures hanging crooked

Im a hole filled and splintered plaster wall


Or walking barefoot thru this garden sewn

Of selfish separations tempered strong

harvest withered feelings

For dinners of the new dawn


When does it end

When will the pain rescind

When do all the precious moments

Of days that made us whole

And all the dreams

The Wants and Won’ts

Promises that imprison us

Not matter anymore


Holes are dug and patted firm

The silver knife that’s buried burns

Carving out the last remains

Of wounds and scars and rusted chains

Mindless swears and painful games

The winners wear the mental shame

for shattering the beauty

Of The mirrors of the past


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