Feeling Little

Feeling Little


They Said it, you grabbed it, and I took it away for myself

These little side roads, on the cosmic highways

Can cause pilgrims faith to fail


And now im feeling little again

Time to slow it all down, take a look around

Its why im feeling little again

Try to take a breath, and make some sense

Of all this crazy shit going down

Going down


If I look at you, you look at me

Look past my face; tell me what do you see

Is the dirt on the window, blocking a view

Of the ocean of mirrors in the sun

Can you show us the way to clear the debris?

Without leaving this hole in our hearts


Are we feeling, will they take away our need for air

I wont feel little again, with our arms wrapped tight around the

Things that mean the most to us

Most to us



You can lay it all down

Close your eyes and duck

Bit im taking the hard road

And im standing up


Cause Im never feeling little again

Well cross the bridges holding hands

All the hope and all the dreams

Will all be sweeter, than they have ever seemed

Sweeter than it has ever seemed

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