Hide N Seek

Hide n Seek


Im Playing Hide and seek again, Guess my love seems so carefree

And hard to see

Confused and reluctant lovers chase each other round

A short and shady, kissing tree

And in the winter of our lives

the kissing trees may fall


Does the world come to you in true colors?

And I wonder what pictures can you paint

Are your black and whites all etched in stone?

Or might they easily fade

And the firm yet tattered canvas stretched tight

Over time and Tears



Olly olly oxen free

Wont you chase me around the tree

Take it slow let your time birds free and

Slow down lay your head on me

Don’t let this feeling go away

Let this moment take us away


There’s a tiny blue spot light pointed right into

A mysterious, evening’s eye

A young giddy face splitting curtains

Looking for the special one

Eyes connect and emotions roar as the cast all

Support the role


Long summer grass shows the trampled footsteps

On the path back to the kissing tree

Hair dances in the cool air, coming from a northern breeze

And a mystic landscape, looking down at the sea and

When the counting’s finished and our love is free

Will you always promise too,

Love that you found me here



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