Last Match

Last Match

Look away till another day so I sit in my dark room

Hoping that something will change

All my Fears Have Fangs these Days, and the drain is slowly putting me to sleep

Raise My Hand To Feel the Wind Blow but

Oh My God These Waves are Getting Higher

I Got a little Piece of a shipwreck

That I’m Clinging to for Life



Please Light the last match in the box

If it isn’t wet


My body washes up on the burning sand

And I ask myself should I feel this weak

The Lonely Ocean crashes on my blistered feet

But I don’t move and I can barely speak

Not far offshore on the jagged reef lies my ship

And she is refusing to sink


What the hell is wrong with me, my sails stay full of wind and im gaining speed

Their aint a skipper anywhere around that wouldn’t trade his treasure

For a little piece of mine


Somedays I just don’t know, who im supposed to be isnt that unique?

What’s the future j=hold for me, does anyone know and can I have just a little peek

Is it these constant striking blows that makes my sugar tastes so bittersweet


Light a candle with the last match, ill use my body to block the winds

Tip the bottle and fill my glass and when the wind dies down

Ill find my peace


Sun painting pictures with purple clouds, so I rest on the dock and begin to cry

Wipe the haze from my face, wonder what I missed, did another day just pass me by?

Load the ship with supplies and set out again

Into a crimson evening sky

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