Look At

Look At


Ooh baby

Im standing on the treetops

Searching for my bright star

Can you see as far as I do

Are you looking with your hearts eye


Well im sitting on the beaches

Le the sun heal my big scars

I hear the waves whisper secrets

About a place that makes my heart smile



My body and my gravity

Keep me grounded in this reality

But my spirit and my wishes

Lift me hoger, than the clouds do seem


Looking back at all the good days

What happens if they leave me

Does my conscious have directions?

to guide me when my heart screams


Look im riding on a storm cloud

I watch the water getting higher

Makes me wonder if you let life

Fill your pockets with desire




Will you tell me something cool now

Things that make your day bright

Slip the moments into my memory

For the days that need some sunshine

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