Faces Gaze Across the distant, Moments, In Between

Current Thoughts and Plans Prevailing, inviting, that lonesome stare

Take a look into the background, how far to the pretty greens


But when I look into those eyes

Seems that I forget

Awkward spaces closing in

My heart is speeding up

Funny feelings in my back

Turning me in inside

And when you press your lips to mine

The moment is so,   perfect


Daily chains plot my directions, Dark days not far behind

Kings and queens on paper landscapes, acting out some tragic scenes

Another bad day on the playground,, Monsters in my machine




Chewing gum stuck on my favorite pair of shoes, sticking me to center stage

Tires spinning on the second foot of snow, my kingdom for a bag of salt

I’m taking lessons from a billboard prophesy, gonna find myself a sexy beer


But when I wake up next to you

My troubles melt away

we listen to the aging songs

and the lyrics make more sense

Watching all the clouds go by

My days never better spent

Spending all my life with you

Just seems so


So Perfect

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