Pretty Sundays

Pretty Sundays


Well it’s a foggy Monday Morning, Trying to recall Friday night

Light Shows and Giant Drinks, 20 Bars and Bathroom Sinks

Colored Cocktails that never quench, A police car and this hard ass bench

Where did my car keys and my wallet go


I’m Contemplating Wednesday, the week is moving slow

Parking Lots and Traffic jams, Price of Gas and Bumper slams

Lame ass jobs, tv rip-off schemes, bill collector done stole my dreams

Too many minutes, to Friday night



Well im Jumping bouncing, busting out

Trying not to cry and pout

Despite it all I love these silly scenes

That makes the boring seem obscene

Magnifies my view, so I can clearly see, all the pretty Sundays

In absolutely everything about you


Another Rainy Thursday, doing laundry at the mat

Kicking dryers, losing socks

Wacky folks just like to talk

Shoving dollars in machines, all my whites are now milky greens

Paydays already spent, forgetting about this




Sunday mornings here, Its late were still in bed

Covers piled up on your side, my ass is cold

My brain is fried

Thinking hard about giving up

But watching you just keeps me stuck

Ill gladly lay here with you till tonight

Matter fact

Ill gladly lay here with you all my life

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