Ask myself what keeps my body moving

And what makes me wanna stop

Everyone round me keeps on rising up

But without you I fall heavy like a rain

Like a midnight rain


An angry morning and the clouds have been replaced

As darkness rises I find I have to face

That your not lying here wrapped up in my arms

So begging forgiveness I sadly close my eyes

And I close em tight



Spinning around us is a sweet mother earth

The very place that gave us both our birth

Storms of change move us closer to the end

And even as our ashes and dust descends

Our love remains


My dreams were strangely real last night

Your body covered only by the candlelight

Holding you so tightly next to me

While you whisper the heavens begin to weep

A warm summer rain


Well im so desperate to get back to the place

Where times were simple and seeded deep in faith

Carefree laughter ringing in the air

And wine will flow and and drown out all the fears

Perfect years

Those perfect years



Do moments pass only because we age

Is death all that time can really gauge

As my body grows brittle and frail

Passing storms remind me that you’re near

And your always here

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