Stoned Ranger

Stoned Ranger


What’s that Circus Dropout Doing, Looking at me wrong

Who’s the other fool on the freeway, wanting to do me some long lasting harm


Why are you scrounging thru a dumpster full of wanderers broken dreams

Sometimes when I listen closely, I can even pick out my own lonely screams


Hey great another judgment monger, shouting out my name

Looking down the row at me, calling my life

A tragic wasted shame


Do you think I’m safe or am I in the presence of danger

Should I pack my shit and roll, or call my hero the invisible, stoned ranger

Is there enough magic juice in this canteen to make this pirate trip all worthwhile?


Who are you burning down these days with those Manson lamps?

One day that distant feeling will you cause you to ignite yourself


Do you think that knows a good time to take your foot off the gas

Better merge your lane ahead, or maybe this time you can win taking on the edge


Hey look, now that circus dropout he running the whole dam show

And check out that other pissed off fool on the freeway

He’s a permanent conversation issue on the side of the road


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