Trading Time for Dollars

Trading Time For Dollars


Well Ive Got an Idea

But Im gonna keep it to myself

Maybe it could change the world

But, Aint that what Oppenheimer thought


Someday I feel like a genius

With a mind as free as the sky

Then sometimes I get lost in a parking lot

And I wander around for miles


Days are kooky and the nights are long

Trying to plug the leaks of my mind

That seems to be melting down

Id like to make a statement

Before it all goes wrong

Fly off to a sandy beach

And watch sun go down


Im trading away my time for dollars

Like beads and shells for my life

Occasionally I shun the deals

But the man can get quite gruff

I just wanna get away

And escape the warden’s voice

Zoom off to the tropical waters

Where choosing drinks my hardest choice


Days are lovely and the nights are warm

Everyone’s so happy there cause the party never ends

I thought there was a statement that I felt I had to make

Maybe ill remember it when my skin is not so baked


I dread the times that I leave this place

A little part of me dies

I wish I could bottle this freedom

And use it in my everyday life

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