Wizards of Whitecoat

Wizards of White coat


Elixirs and Potions and Magical worlds

Distributing Comfort from behind closed doors

Stick out your tongue now, Come on and say Ahh

Now give me your wallet, your kids and your car

Write me a check now Ill grant you life for the day

Now take all these pills, and do what the good Dr says


Were the wizards of Whitecoat, Trained in Deception

We might have a potion for that nasty infection

Just put al your faith in them degrees on our walls

Now hold real still, while we cut off your balls


Hypocratic Oath, It’s a cute little poem

But it disrupts the payments on our 10 story home

Now making appointments is our little joke

Well keep your ass waiting while your family goes broke

Got no coverage, well its just not your day

Wed really love to help, But we gotsta get paid




Well try to diagnose, but were really not sure

Well run some more tests, while we cook up a cure

Im gonna refer you to my buddy Dr Way

He just bought a boat and a modeling babe


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