Sister Winds

Sister Winds

G(3) A#(6) F(13) C (8)


The Sky’s More Clear today, than it was just yesterday

The Smoke that swirled above, is gone.. Moved on

Lets Father sun stand out,

Shine down his healing rays

G                                             A#

Now it all makes more sense

C                                                   G res

Were  heading towards.. Brighter Days (x3)



The Wind that moves thru me

Is the same wind blowing thru you

Sister wind don’t care

If your red, white, yellow or blue

Lets just stop a sec, close our eyes

Breathe her in ( Breath Breath)

When we start to honor each other

Well move past this trouble were in

Gentle Winds   Loving Winds (x3)

Humbled Eyes   Lets Changes In (x3)


My Perspective Don’t Need look

Just Like yours

Matter of Fact might make this life

A dreary bore

But not Seeing Eye to eye

Ain’t worth no senseless wars

What if we vow to help each other?

Toward the lighted Shores (x3)



Outro Prayer ( delicate guitar part at 10/11)

Sister winds I pray

Every Day and Every Night

That Peace will Flood this world

And start by Flooding my own heart

Please give me the courage

To change dark things in me

Knowing if I do this

Ill be the change I wish to see (x….)

For you and me


Free flow Out….


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