Fly Free (2019)

Some days, I spend my time, alone in an unknown place

And I walk down the streets sometimes I don’t recognize, a single face

And yet somehow they all seem to know me, and  they know my name

So I tuck my Chin to my chest, touch my heart, and search for grace!

I search for grace!

Ooh Grace won’t you find me, in this Dark

and  broken place


Well I stand before no man and try to preach I ain’t done no wrongs

It’s just this chosen lifetime, I’ve kept my passion burning and it keeps me strong

And the wise woman told me Man use that strength, setting others FREE

So I looked into the eyes of the future

Saw it’s up to you, it’s up to me

To be strong, setting others free,

Open up those wings, and fly free   ooohhhh ohhhh ooh oooh

Use our strength, Use our voices, use our talents, and own our choices,    

Use our blood use our water, STAND upon that goddess ALTER

Show devotion to Great Spirit, use our art and banish old shit

Teach our children…libertad,    to be different embrace the odds 

Inspire leaders to believe in, and return this earth to Eden, yeah!

Freedom Passes on the torches, Burn the lies in Phoenix scorches

Freedom Lights the human darkness And Dispels this fleeting starkness

So we can see

How to use these new wings  

And Fly free


It don’t take a perfect man or woman  to do what’s right

We just open our hearts, raise our wings, and take flight

So Raise those starry wings set your sights on peace

and fly free

Don’t let anyone convince you, you aren’t as good as the rest

Cuz face it cosmic family, this world is gonna change

By doing our best

By every one of us

Visualizing change and Doing our best

By owning

Our battle calls, our bad decisions,

Our trips and falls, and Lovers quarrels

Indiscretions, imperfections

Insurrection, revolution,

Life aggressions

Deep depressions

All part of the journey toward the whole

Our failures flaws and defects

In someone else’s eyes

Standing up and falling down

Makes us stronger, makes us wise

Were All doing our best

We all must do our best

To Cry Freedom

Were All doing our best.

We all must do our best

And Fly Free

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