Heart Gardner’s

My restless heart is splitting up its beats

One for me, and, one for you to keep

Its keeping time in perfect rolling rhymes

To the thoughts of your hand in mine

In love’s garden, on a warm summer day

On the phone, your voice is like a butterfly fluttering in my ear

Sharing your day’s collected nectar

Brings you in and brings you near

To the honey of my loving arms

And the flowers


In my heart


Were Heart Gardner’s

Planting seeds of love

In tilled fruitful soils we

Plant them deep enough

Get em ready

For a journey that is rough

We water and warm them

Till they thrust up thru the earth

We love and trust that soon

Loves seeds they will birth

All the love

They were meant to be

For you

And for me

In their perfect form

A flawless you

And a completed me


The sun and moon are proof enough to me

There’s more to life than this little bit we see

Close your eyes dive deep into the stream

The stars will take us anywhere beyond the moon

Into the dream

Into the dream


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