Agua Sagrada

Agua Sagrada (dadf#ad tune)

(1) One breath can take us to the edge

One step can walk us to the ledge

One stone heated till its red

Splits wide open, under prayers of the water

And reminds us

Everything we touch

Everything we see

is sacred


There’s a place that I know

A river Deep down in my soul

strong currents moving me

flowing towards the mighty seas

And it’s Time, Time Time

To go home


(2) One struggle, is deeper than it seems

Truths moments, rise up to meet our dreams

Life’s water, rushing toward the sea

Collected from the mountains the stones and the trees

And fills up

Pure water in our children

Pure water in our tears

Agua Sagrada


(3) Prayers around fires, has more power than the fear

Wide circles, around our families that are dear

Tall giants always fall to tiny stones

The power that we wield when were gathered like the seas

Our voices

Amplifies our courage

Uniting all our teardrops

Agua sagrada


Aya ayaa heya aa ayaaa

Outro/ chante

Agua sagraada

En Mi Corazon

Mi sangre es mi agua

Y mi agua es mi viento – Hermana (on the chord)

Hermana agua es sagrada

Madre agua es nuestra vida

Agua es un milagro

Prometo Mantenerla pura

Y ella fluye

Ellla fluye



Sacred Water

In My Heart

My blood is my water

My water is my wind

Sister water is sacred

Mother water is our life

Our Water is a miracle

Promise to keep her pure

And she flows

She flows

She flows


( overlap)








A Dangerous Fairy Tale of Deceptive Deja Vu

A Dangerous Fairy Tale of Deceptive Deja Vu

Once upon a time in the land of Illusory TOMFOOLERY
The highest man in the land, in the face of a perilous decision, waited and waits and waited and sits and shamefully waited some more. While his subjects he claimed once to him to be so dear, are subjected to treatment and cruelty found usually, but not limited to the margins of wars. And then finally with only a little more time than to save personal grace, face and sentimental adorations from the easily swayed, tells his army to make a statement in his abscence, his place.

He flaccidly tells the dangerously disobedient snake-wielding child who has been up to no good to stop its actions and go play somewhere else.
And the snake-charming child ignores them all and stands and raucously laughs, showing everyone in the land once again who really runs things. The snake charmer contriving-ly knows that those who oppose will now have to hunker in even further as the cold and bitter of winters discontent will fall heavy upon them and challenge their resolve. The snake-charming child also knows that the high man in the land will conveniently soon depart, and the new arriving high man has long been under his swirly-eyed spell of greed soaked support. Not of course to mention that due to the lands broken laws and averted gaze all the high men are personally invested in his well paying snake oily ways.

And to add to the unveiling of illusions, the snake charmers minions, who have been beating and abusing a peaceful earth protecting population in the name of the law, who with bloody stick in hand, and lawful interpretations twisted around rhetorical gas lamping tactical plans, swear out loud, in the name of their vows, to protect and serve these pretend outrageous and slanted laws of the land and Only its quiet, unimposing law abiding people. And yet somehow, for some reason, after the statement of the supposed high man in the land, they don’t immediately turn and point they’re fiery sticks at the laughing out loud snake charming child who vows to continue his dastardly disobedience and is now the lawbreaker according to the empty decree of the highest man. Snake-charmed workers and doers still humming along, no beatings or threats, or wrongful imprisonment for their now illegal actions, and still protected by snake charmed mercenaries with a fresh taste of peace wanters blood dripping from lie covered lips.

Then in comes the tail wagging the dog Shenanigan’s – All the bought and paid for yellow journalistic criers that waited and waited, and sat and waited along with the high man in the land and somehow still speak to the sleepy masses thru the animal cracker, divisive boxes. They magically materialize with smoke and circumstance, and show up just in the nick of time to apply what appears to be a salve of civil unrest soothing snake oil lotion, to report out loud, far and wide that the dangerously disobedient snake charming child has been defeated. Hoping that that the curling cloud of discontent that actually started gaining dangerous momentum with the fickle, attention deficit outer masses can go back to blind actions of material distraction and napping, by simply proclaiming, but not validating or providing actual context to; Victory.
And then, the sleepy distant faraway masses, hung-over from the drunkenness on illusions from news provided by the charmer’s accomplice charlatans that the humble protectors have won and that the world is safe once again and returned to order. Waking only long enough from they’re illusionary reacquired slumbers to notice that the peaceful guardians are still here saying, “HEY He’s not leaving, he’s still snake charming everywhere. And the far removed adamant sleepy eyes say to the resolved onsite guardians still covered in blood, frozen water and chemical ash “Didn’t you hear the news, you won, you got what you came for, now go home, go back to sleep and stop revealing the illusions of the snake charmers cherished balderdash”

Déjà vu Déjà vu Déjà vu
This story is old and been told many times
With different antagonists and just slightly different lies
Fall for it once, Shame on Me, shame on you
Believe it any more, and we are headed for doom.
For there is no Happily Ever After
If this Propaganda continues to bloom

Stay Awake Family
The Dark Wolves still Lurk

Standing Rock- Touching the first Domino


“If you assume that there is no hope, you guarantee that there will be no hope. If you assume that there is an instinct for freedom, that there are opportunities to change things, then there is a possibility that you can contribute to making a better world.” Noam Chomsky


Blessings all beings,

As I have fully stepped into this effort of support for organizing and engaging food, supplies, and unity to Standing Rock, I am being flooded with love and encouragement for doing ONLY what I believe every citizen of this country and this planet should do. Support, be humble support, engage your heart and activate your actions and your voice in the face of wrongdoings. To stand tall and hands together when the marginalized, the oppressed the forgotten are kicked while no one is looking or listening.

First, I want to answer the question of “who am I”, since I’m now getting asked a lot.I am David Starbear, born David Michael Avalos. I took on the name Starbear years ago after it was given to me in a vision quest ceremony in the Lakota tradition and language.

And, that does NOT make me a Native American.

I have spent my life in sacred indigenous ceremonies around the planet, studied shamanic and metaphysical ways

And that does NOT magically make me a Native American or a Shaman or a Guru.

I was taught to make drums by Native Americans, taught to create herbal medicines and remedies by natives around the world, spent much time on different reservations and still,

This does NOT make me a Native American.

I even grew up with my stepmother Susan, who is full native Cayuga-Seneca from the Iroquois nation,

And even that does not make ME a Native American.

In fact, in this incarnation, I like many am a mixed up human stew. I have a Mexican lineage from my father Rudy, and lots of European ingredients from my Mother Mary. I’m just an average human like anyone reading this. What I am, what I own and hold sacred is that I am indigenous to this planet, with blood and a heart and a precious perspective gifted to me to carry thru this journey on earth. To me that is more than enough to go, stand and defend what is rightfully all of ours. The right to stand and be seen and heard in the face of wrong actions.I choose to first share this insight so there are no misunderstandings or reasons for anyone to think otherwise. I am just someone whom deeply loves and honors the ways of spiritual traditions, and those are typically found and held at the core of native peoples.

I also share this because, as I choose to go and be in support in Standing Rock, to stand next to my brothers and sisters and family in a good way, because it is the right thing to do as a human in these times. It is an opportunity to stand for truth, humanity and unity. To not just do what is right but to do what is fundamentally necessary.

My observation is that even though the catalyst for this particular movement is big oil and the DAPL pipeline it is certainly not all that is unfolding. The crimes they are  perpetrating against our native family and all of us is only the tip of the massively dark iceberg that needs to be witnessed and uncovered. For me, it is about the water, and our precious endlessly abused mother earth. Not just the actual life-giving river water at risk of contamination or the vanishing health of our planet due to our actions. It is also about the Water and Earth that we all share, inside of us, in our blood, in our flesh, in our hearts. Water is vital, it is fundamental to all of our lives, and because it is in us all, we should all stand to protect it, inside and out. When our drinking water is completely contaminated, when our earth is poisoned and stripped of her last gifts, we will all unquestionably perish. And if our priceless internal water and earth stays contaminated with hate and division and dis-empowerment, with everyone turning a blind eye, there is just as little hope for our survival.

I am not a politician; I am not an expert on the complicated problems of land rights or the future of renewable power or big oil. I know enough to consider myself mildly educated as well as far more unenlightened and unaware. There are many who are experts on many topics and I stand with them holding space, listening and learning, but not getting caught in the divisive arguments or foolishly speaking about that which I don’t know.

I do know that it is easy to get quickly divided by the details of each and every uprising, especially one as complicated as relinquishing our addiction and dependence surrounding the use of fossil fuels. These are not my reasons for activating to this cause.

The reason to activate I believe is to wake up and step out of the spell of our oppressed disempowerment and to stand with those courageous enough to do so in our stead.

To demand that we are honestly shown all of the options for a sustainable future and not be bullied, quieted or shamed by those with nothing more than money and power to loose.

What I am is an activist for the raising of human consciousness and human empowerment. A global citizen willing to stand next to someone who has been oppressed, marginalized, taken advantage of and kept hidden away. And that is exactly what is happening in front of us all now in so many ways. In Standing Rock in inner cities, in Black Lives matter campaigns, in women’s safety movements even in our country’s election process. We are being divided and dissuaded with extreme prejudice and tomfoolery to not look behind the controlling jester’s curtain.

We are however being forced to look at the dark truth of suffering and oppression that no matter what, we are all engaged in. Especially if we ignore it, deny it or pretend it is not there. Acting like it is someone else who is prejudiced or hateful, while not owning our own relationship to these feelings regardless of how it is expressed is polluted ignorance and keeps the cycle rolling. For those illusions are only the tragic deceptive conditions of false comfort and imbalanced entitlement.

If you believe tyranny only exist overseas, look closely, here.

If you believe persecution, harassment and cruelty only exist somewhere else, look closer, here.

If you believe that being oppressed is only present in third world settings, and poor neighborhoods than take a look at your bank account, your debt load and how hard you work to get ahead, to put your kids in school, to keep rent paid or food in the fridge, to receive fundamental and affordable medical care.Take into consideration your real choices, not your never-ending options of stuff to buy. Real choices that affect the core of your life and the future of our children’s generations. Like, how our poor and marginalized are treated, which energy to use, or which real leaders we really want to lead us.

Now ask, who’s the slave? Ask yourself, who’s the oppressed?

And then,

If you are willing, engage your compassion and recognize that for some folks in your own backyard, fellow humans, this reality has been their painful experience for generations, with no one to stand for them, no one to hear them or care. Cultivating a bleak landscape with absolutely no reason to believe in hope.

Why do we allow it anywhere? How is this not cultural insanity?

If we don’t stand now, in connection, in numbers, somehow, the same will find us all where we each are, if it hasn’t already.

Still think that Standing Rock is “JUST” about oil pipes?

These are all important and complicated issues, with resolute and even unfortunate violent actions engaging to serve and play out the details and fine points. And yet to me, it still comes down to what should be obvious and simple humane points; open communication, compassion, cooperation, human decency, and truth.

When did we actually become so self-involved and so comfortable in this illusion to stop talking and listening, to stop caring, to stop looking for solutions and finding cooperative consensus.

When did we become so turned around that we actually help create excuses for those that continue to abuse their power and wealth to enslave us?

When did it become so inconvenient that we can’t be bothered to engage and pay attention to what really matters and easily forsaking that we are all one sentient family? To realize that when any one of us is poor or beaten or broken, that we are all affected.If we are to survive all that we are facing now, we must be willing to address and correct these flaws in ourselves with direct love. Not the overstated fluffy stuff, but hard truth, transparency, accountability and compassion.

For me, what is happening with the brave activist movement initiated by the water protectors at Standing Rock is about inviting all of us in and extending our hands together to courageously touch the first Domino. And as the first domino falls it engages the next, gaining momentum and forming a beauty and a sound as we willingly watch the lines and shapes fall in rattling form. Watching each connection and curve of the dominos structured illusions raging forward as they topple in perfect and necessary harmony.

And then we engage the future restructuring, together, with a firm belief and unified intention that what is rebuilt and co-created will be even more spectacular. A work of brilliant cooperation that will serve, support and empower all of our global humanity and every earthly presence.

May there be peace to all sentient beings
David Starbear