Affirmative Gratitude Reciprocity

If Service is Beneath you,  Leadership is Beyond You

Affirmative Gratitude Reciprocity and Manifestation

Think about a notion and belief that goes “beyond” an Infinite and Abundant universe, to one of divine reciprocity, a thought that takes us to the knowing that our willingness to serve and be in service will always be met tenfold by the divine. Consider the notion that when in the energy of loving, compassionate service, that all beings in all dimensions honor our work here as that of the utmost and revered. In exchange for our willing commitment to engage this valiant journey in this lifetime of doing the hard work of carrying light and transmuting fear in this heavy gravity dimension, all dimensional beings meet us unconditionally.

Affirmative Gratitude Reciprocity is a term that started with David Starbear in Various TULIP travels and various large-scale consult opportunities, that began to approach the depths of how to engage manifestation techniques that had the power and momentum to effect real change. This concept of applying Positive Affirmation and Gratitude to use as a source of exchange between individuals and organisms became the core of all motions forward. It is the Quadrivium and TULIP key belief in how to co-create and incarnate something beneficial and new into the world, for the benefit of all.  Seeing our visions called into reality by being grateful for the opportunity to be in service, and by visualizing the offerings of our service to be a benefit to the various levels of community, local, regional and global.

How Can we all be of Service?