David StarBear

Lost in the Mind of David Starbear

David Starbear is a self-proclaimed “radical agent of transformation”. He supports initiating change thru co-developing conscious “change-oriented communities” within the company, under-serviced populations, and philanthropic cultures thru a vehicle of empowered personal development. David weaves his lifelong passions of culinary alchemy, music and entrepreneurial activism as mediums for initiating simple and universal syntactical connections. The result is a life commitment that seeks to sow seeds of peace into the vast potentials of our emerging sentient landscape.


Welcome to the swirling vortex of thoughts, words, rhymes tales and more from a fellow traveler, a passionate journeyman of life. This is one form of me in written narrative, in a variety of templates and landscapes.  Here is some of my thoughts and mind, spilled from pens onto pages, and converted into digital light for your entertainment and jury.

Stay if you like, enjoy what you can, we are here but a moment so, live passionately and loudly without any plan

David Starbear