Verdad (Truth)



Woh-wee-chah-kay (Wowicake)

Oh-eeah-ee oh (‘oia’I’o’)


A truth

This truth, Your Truth, My Truth


Truth isn’t owned, patented,


Truth has no title, no contracts,

No deeds,

Wouldn’t it be something if we all came to consensus?

Willingly, and cooperatively agreed

That Truth is open source

Public Domain

Royalty Free

Completely accessible to all,

Which of course it always has been

And always will be.

Whether or not we align or believe

Fortunately truth does not need anyone

To exist or be perceived


hooey, hogwash and hokum do

And yet truth is rarely applied unabridged

In a world that uses deceptions

As Currency,

Deepening the gluttonous and materialistic

Ocean of fallen morality

And human decency

In Truth,

There are no perspectives,

No opinions

Nothing unattainably supernatural

Truth is not partial

Divided by equations

Certainly not fractional

Truth is absolute,

Independently completed

It cannot be absorbed into dogmatic ethos

Or militarily defeated

Truth is a platonic solid,

A periodic element

Harder and firmer than tungsten steel

Forged from chromium sediment

Truth is not play dough

Or potters clay

Moldable and malleable

To fit a template of convenience

Or propaganda of the day

Truth is a banquet

Not an un-satiating “sampuru” appetizer

Truths sustenance can only be digested and bio available

When served as a complete gastronomic course

Without chemical or plastic stabilizers

Truth is the only fertile soil

On which any universal virtue can

Germinate, and seed

Without superfluous toil

Peace without truth is suspect

Kindness without truth is Machiavellian

Integrity without truth is corporate

Honor without truth is political

Love without truth is deviant and perverse

Truth is the first step on the journey to wisdom

For Truth is the rare blue pearl of enlightenment


Truth needs no contemplation

No meditation, no religious practice

Truth is readily available in a moments call

And illuminates the wandering blackness

Truth is devoid of emotion or alliance

And therefore never flexes

Under burdens of tears

Or tyranny’s defiance

Fierce Truth

Belligerent Truth

Revolutionary Truths







Un-tampered truth

Simple truth

For truth can be nothing more

Truth is not

Complicated Delusions

Spiritual Illusions

Religious dogma

New Age doctrines

Selling useless keys to nirvana

Distorted Realities

Forging experiences

Attempting to validate authenticity

Truth can only be

Radically self-effacing

Divinely orchestrated


Dooming truth to be

Feared and suspected

Considered seditious

In a time when lies prevail

Honesty will always seem suspicious

And still truth can never

Be accused of being

Contrived, affected or subjective

Without fear of what it might incite

What it predicates,

Provokes or illuminates

We must shout out loud

THE mistruths MUST BE SEEN!

Tanned in the sun

Brought to the surface



Destroyed in autolysis

Infernally conflagrated

Let us initiate this journey

Seeking the unrefined truth

For Truth anchors freedom

Activates will

Incepts awakening,


Fierce truth


mine is





DSB 6/2016

Artwork Image Credit Jennifer Gelinas

Sister Winds

Sister Winds

G(3) A#(6) F(13) C (8)


The Sky’s More Clear today, than it was just yesterday

The Smoke that swirled above, is gone.. Moved on

Lets Father sun stand out,

Shine down his healing rays

G                                             A#

Now it all makes more sense

C                                                   G res

Were  heading towards.. Brighter Days (x3)



The Wind that moves thru me

Is the same wind blowing thru you

Sister wind don’t care

If your red, white, yellow or blue

Lets just stop a sec, close our eyes

Breathe her in ( Breath Breath)

When we start to honor each other

Well move past this trouble were in

Gentle Winds   Loving Winds (x3)

Humbled Eyes   Lets Changes In (x3)


My Perspective Don’t Need look

Just Like yours

Matter of Fact might make this life

A dreary bore

But not Seeing Eye to eye

Ain’t worth no senseless wars

What if we vow to help each other?

Toward the lighted Shores (x3)



Outro Prayer ( delicate guitar part at 10/11)

Sister winds I pray

Every Day and Every Night

That Peace will Flood this world

And start by Flooding my own heart

Please give me the courage

To change dark things in me

Knowing if I do this

Ill be the change I wish to see (x….)

For you and me


Free flow Out….


Lonely Crayon

May 2016 Carbondale Poetry Group Prompt Poem about a color without naming the color

Lonely Crayon


Here I am again

Laying on the floor

Not even in the sloppy box,

Or even in a child’s hand

Im just another lonely, overlooked

Seldom used crayon

Oh if the children only knew my regal ancestry

My color can be seen in some of humankinds

Earliest artistry

Palm of humans on cave walls,

Hunted animals roaming the plains

Towards perilous falls

All represented by my color

in early mans scrawls

Perhaps I would draw more attention

If I engaged

A “cry for more use”,

In a children’s marketing campaign

Im sure the movie star tints and colors rarely

Feel abandoning pain and loss

Perhaps if the children colored more

Southwestern deserts of the four corners cross

Or canyon land sunsets,

Or high mountain scenes

Then maybe my protective crayon paper

Would be nearly gone or hard to read

Perhaps if them Kidde’s drew and colored more

Indigenous pots or African hair dresses

Id stain their tiny fingers

While creating delightful pictures of

Raw earth colored messes

Or maybe more time in a kitchen

Near the Molés and Tandoori dishes

Toasted paprika and chili powders

Would inspire them towards my, use me more wishes

My dear little children, please choose me from this

Colorful, Tattered artistic box of plenty

When you color your homes rusty roof pictures

Or the fired earth tiles in grandmothers

Humble hearth kitchen

Draw with me to your hearts content

rusted copper penny rushing rivers piercing gully’s

till my waxy length, pinched between tiny fingers

is nearly spent

Sketch to the heavens

Cedar bark covered trees, and the millions of shimmering mirrors

Of the fiery autumn leaves

Outline the aboriginal ceremonies, blessing the original man

In the sun hammered cracked clay stretches

Resembling their native blood needlessly spilled in sand

Oh dear children, please, oh please pick me

I wont let you down,

I may not be your go to color,

But I am one useful, emotion filled crayon.