FEAR, Oh Dear

Oh dear,



Here again

Not just a silly furry monster under my bed,

Ghost in the closet,

Or goblins in my head

I see your,

Not Just here to make a casual appearance

To remind me of all the things I have come to know you by

Beyond my unconscious human adherence



Snakes and spiders



Not of the wild animal or tooth laden fish

That wants to make me a meal

And rip away my flesh

Perhaps some part of your motives

Might have even been helpful

At our inception of life

From a fast-running dinosaur

Or a thug with a knife

Yes you may at one time have had a noble purpose

But certainly never ever

To be the ringleader of this

Engineered circus

I speak not of the inherent mortal things that

We all crawl into this lifetime cowering from you,


You look different

Bigger, good god how you grew

More contrived

Yes even smug and

Voraciously, conniving?

For now,you are viral

An infectious disease,

A slave to faceless overlords

Whom you maliciously appease

Who has been feeding you?

These steroid laden bones?

That has made you this disfigured creature

Parading an illusionary domineering throne.

I see more now you have fallen into the trap

Of believing your own media and self-righteous crap


Your not acquitted

From the lives you oppress

You have shamefully

Contributed to this abhorrent mess

Submit to fears vortex

And surely we will perish

In a landscape darker than hell,

Truly nightmarish

Succumb and we drown in the terrifying seas

Where there are no lifeboats

And our hearts and minds are seized

Fear of the water

Fear of the skies,

Fear to look another person square in the eyes

Fear of our planet

Fear of another’s color

Fear to consider you my sister

or brother

Fear of our food, our medicine, our trees

Fear of our air, animals, germs and disease

Fear of terror, fear to speak out

In fact pick any topic

And someone will give that fear marketing clout

Fear of our looks and comparison to others

Fear of our own ideas and our deep desires to create harmony

Fear of our very selves and our human right to peaceful sovereignty

Yet you


Despite your insistence

You are only an agent to our failed,

Fearful Passive resistance

We have participated in this atrocity


With terminal velocity.

Because many of the deceptions we fear

Have manifested into reality

That is painfully clear

Lives are being taken

From hateful separation

And woeful neutrality

So much so that we actually

Ignore our so-called leaders blatant venality

So convinced of this heinous fearful craving for


That human lives become far less than numbers or

Animal feed.

And so we have mastered the after effects

Of these terror based inceptions

We convince ourselves of dining on truth

While eating deception

We take more than we need,

Practice looking the other way

And are entertained

When others bleed

Validate hate with protective necessity

Contrive ways of validating inhumane indemnity

If we choose to continue

Walking parallel to fear

Where will that leave us?

Marooned without hope on a smog covered blue sphere

Paralyzed, unable to move except in

Manufactured, controlled directions

Pretending our collective power lies in

Voting in fabricated elections

Loading up on stuff

That feigns to fill the hole,

You know

That big gaping one

In the center of our souls

And now a word from the sponsors 

Are you afraid of everything?

Deeply disturbed by annoying images and stories of rampant and unjust actions

Then try

“New and Improved

Brighter and Swash”


Cultural Whitewash

For maximum avoidance,

Apply thoroughly and repeatedly

To avoid fear and bury the pain

To ignore the rearview images

Of social carnage and shame (p)

In small fictitious never occurring testing

This product has been show to cause

Excessive drama

Uncontrolled crying, worry, sleeplessness, guilt

And in most cases lonely and isolated death.

If these symptoms, persist increase the dosage

And stop by the mall.

Now available on every illuminated screen, printed page and corner gathering places worldwide.


Some say that love is your krypton-ic



what about starting with truth, compassion

Or abandoning selfishness?

What about presence, awareness and

An open mind to change

To face our fears with courage

Not violence, hatred, or rage.

To focus on one thing we love

And embrace in our blessed experiences

That walk us towards love and deliverance

How about gratitude for this life,

And sharing our riches

Helping each other up

Celebrating our differences?


I believe once awakened

We would all formally agree

Without any election process or formal decree

You are in need of a Loving mom

A big bear hug

And an early retirement

Out of the fires and

Into the calm


Verdad (Truth)



Woh-wee-chah-kay (Wowicake)

Oh-eeah-ee oh (‘oia’I’o’)


A truth

This truth, Your Truth, My Truth


Truth isn’t owned, patented,


Truth has no title, no contracts,

No deeds,

Wouldn’t it be something if we all came to consensus?

Willingly, and cooperatively agreed

That Truth is open source

Public Domain

Royalty Free

Completely accessible to all,

Which of course it always has been

And always will be.

Whether or not we align or believe

Fortunately truth does not need anyone

To exist or be perceived


hooey, hogwash and hokum do

And yet truth is rarely applied unabridged

In a world that uses deceptions

As Currency,

Deepening the gluttonous and materialistic

Ocean of fallen morality

And human decency

In Truth,

There are no perspectives,

No opinions

Nothing unattainably supernatural

Truth is not partial

Divided by equations

Certainly not fractional

Truth is absolute,

Independently completed

It cannot be absorbed into dogmatic ethos

Or militarily defeated

Truth is a platonic solid,

A periodic element

Harder and firmer than tungsten steel

Forged from chromium sediment

Truth is not play dough

Or potters clay

Moldable and malleable

To fit a template of convenience

Or propaganda of the day

Truth is a banquet

Not an un-satiating “sampuru” appetizer

Truths sustenance can only be digested and bio available

When served as a complete gastronomic course

Without chemical or plastic stabilizers

Truth is the only fertile soil

On which any universal virtue can

Germinate, and seed

Without superfluous toil

Peace without truth is suspect

Kindness without truth is Machiavellian

Integrity without truth is corporate

Honor without truth is political

Love without truth is deviant and perverse

Truth is the first step on the journey to wisdom

For Truth is the rare blue pearl of enlightenment


Truth needs no contemplation

No meditation, no religious practice

Truth is readily available in a moments call

And illuminates the wandering blackness

Truth is devoid of emotion or alliance

And therefore never flexes

Under burdens of tears

Or tyranny’s defiance

Fierce Truth

Belligerent Truth

Revolutionary Truths







Un-tampered truth

Simple truth

For truth can be nothing more

Truth is not

Complicated Delusions

Spiritual Illusions

Religious dogma

New Age doctrines

Selling useless keys to nirvana

Distorted Realities

Forging experiences

Attempting to validate authenticity

Truth can only be

Radically self-effacing

Divinely orchestrated


Dooming truth to be

Feared and suspected

Considered seditious

In a time when lies prevail

Honesty will always seem suspicious

And still truth can never

Be accused of being

Contrived, affected or subjective

Without fear of what it might incite

What it predicates,

Provokes or illuminates

We must shout out loud

THE mistruths MUST BE SEEN!

Tanned in the sun

Brought to the surface



Destroyed in autolysis

Infernally conflagrated

Let us initiate this journey

Seeking the unrefined truth

For Truth anchors freedom

Activates will

Incepts awakening,


Fierce truth


mine is





DSB 6/2016

Artwork Image Credit Jennifer Gelinas


Wizards of Whitecoat

Wizards of White coat


Elixirs and Potions and Magical worlds

Distributing Comfort from behind closed doors

Stick out your tongue now, Come on and say Ahh

Now give me your wallet, your kids and your car

Write me a check now Ill grant you life for the day

Now take all these pills, and do what the good Dr says


Were the wizards of Whitecoat, Trained in Deception

We might have a potion for that nasty infection

Just put al your faith in them degrees on our walls

Now hold real still, while we cut off your balls


Hypocratic Oath, It’s a cute little poem

But it disrupts the payments on our 10 story home

Now making appointments is our little joke

Well keep your ass waiting while your family goes broke

Got no coverage, well its just not your day

Wed really love to help, But we gotsta get paid




Well try to diagnose, but were really not sure

Well run some more tests, while we cook up a cure

Im gonna refer you to my buddy Dr Way

He just bought a boat and a modeling babe