Agua Sagrada

Agua Sagrada (dadf#ad tune)

(1) One breath can take us to the edge

One step can walk us to the ledge

One stone heated till its red

Splits wide open, under prayers of the water

And reminds us

Everything we touch

Everything we see

is sacred


There’s a place that I know

A river Deep down in my soul

strong currents moving me

flowing towards the mighty seas

And it’s Time, Time Time

To go home


(2) One struggle, is deeper than it seems

Truths moments, rise up to meet our dreams

Life’s water, rushing toward the sea

Collected from the mountains the stones and the trees

And fills up

Pure water in our children

Pure water in our tears

Agua Sagrada


(3) Prayers around fires, has more power than the fear

Wide circles, around our families that are dear

Tall giants always fall to tiny stones

The power that we wield when were gathered like the seas

Our voices

Amplifies our courage

Uniting all our teardrops

Agua sagrada


Aya ayaa heya aa ayaaa

Outro/ chante

Agua sagraada

En Mi Corazon

Mi sangre es mi agua

Y mi agua es mi viento – Hermana (on the chord)

Hermana agua es sagrada

Madre agua es nuestra vida

Agua es un milagro

Prometo Mantenerla pura

Y ella fluye

Ellla fluye



Sacred Water

In My Heart

My blood is my water

My water is my wind

Sister water is sacred

Mother water is our life

Our Water is a miracle

Promise to keep her pure

And she flows

She flows

She flows


( overlap)








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