Affirmative Manifestation Mantra Creation

Affirmative Manifestation Mantra Creation:

Conscious Consultation Class and Enlightened Road Conversation

Affirmative Gratitude Reciprocity and Manifestation

Think about a notion and belief that goes “beyond” an Infinite and Abundant universe, to one of divine reciprocity, a thought that takes us to the knowing that our willingness to serve and be in service will always be met tenfold by the divine. Consider the notion that when in the energy of loving, compassionate service, that all beings in all dimensions honor our work here as that of the utmost and revered. In exchange for our willing commitment to engage this valiant journey in this lifetime of doing the hard work of carrying light and transmuting fear in this heavy gravity dimension, all dimensional beings meet us unconditionally.

Visualize Service Success & Abundance Exercise
It is important to check in and understand what success and abundance means to you. There are no right and wrongs, we are just rarely asked to personally define what success means, so that we can learn to affirmatively create beyond it.

  • Close your eyes and search for your Definition of Success/ Abundance – Write this down
  • Visualize yourself immersed in this Success – What did this look like, how did it feel.
  • Now visualize yourself in Passionate Service – IN the visualization, see yourself in

    action, and see yourself humbly interacting with those or that which you are in service to. See yourself linking this service to your definition of success and abundance. How does this feel?

  • Visualize your service in conflict and check your stamina and conviction. This will give you an idea of your level of commitment and surrender when your incarnation is real, and applying pressure to you. This is an area most rookie manifester’s usually avoid or never get to. In more contemporary planning this is often called the barriers or challenges to entry. This experience takes you in to the feelings of achieving your goals, and then experiencing the feelings of conflict to your success and achievement. This will support you when you feel the imploding feelings of failure and will help your resolve to your commitment.
  • Apply the Tenets of Abundance thru Creative Realization

    The Go Giver –Bob Burg John David Mann 2007

    Value – Your Value can be personally measured and determined by how much more you give in value than take in compensationCompensation – Your abundance and resource is balanced by how many people you willingly serve and how humbly you serve themReputation – Your personal ability to be widely heard is determined by how honestly, transparently and abundantly you place other people interests and empowerment first
    Authenticity – The most valuable gift you have to offer is your attention, presence and true self.
    Receptivity – the key to abundant giving is to successfully staying open to receiving.

    Consider the Measures of Success and Abundance.

    From Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich, 1937

    1. A Positive Mental Attitude
    2. Sound physical health
    3. Harmony in human relationships
    4. Freedom from fear
    5. The hope of achievement
    6. The capacity for faith
    7. A willingness to share one’s blessings
    8. A labor of love
    9. An open mind on all subjects
    10. Self-discipline
    11. The capacity to understand people
    12. Financial Abundance – please note this is last!

    Manifestation Mantra Creation Formula

    Apples to Large Vision Creation and Support to Self as well
    Key Ingredients to Conscious Manifestation. SERVICE, COMPASSION,


    Always Use Affirmative vernacular. Strive to find and use Empowering words. “Pray Rain”, not “For Rain”, Praying to manifest “FOR” something immediately imbues it with lack as it is not there and needed lack, and therefore imparts the energy of lack. See it already in existence, already in place, and just step towards and in.

    Commit to write it, hang it, put in wallet or purse, on computer, mail it to the universe, and/or burn it in a fire. Do not let a day go by without reciting this statement.

    What am I most passionate about to be in service too?

    (who or what will receive this service, disempowered, the poor, those seeking support, the planet, animals)
    What am I impassioned to bring into this world that creates in this service and experience?
    (a company, a service, a personal goal)
    What am I willing to give in service to this vision?
    What do I require from divine to incarnate this vision?
    Resources, Abundance,
    How will I fuel this visions momentum with gratitude?
    Beyond my creation, how will I spread my abundance and show gratitude?

    It is my Loving Desire and Intention to Support Whole Human Wellness thru inspired Intentional Sound and Vibrational Facilitation and a Caretaker of Sentient Water.

    I purposefully choose to be in service to all beings that seek personal empowerment and wellness thru conscious sound facilitation and elevated water potentials

    I choose to act in support in the manifestation of this ascension based organization to support this need.
    I am willing to exchange my time, energy, passion, diligence, perseverance and lifelong learning’s to bring this incarnation into the world.

    I will require from spirit, energetic and human resources, stamina, wisdom, balance, and humility.
    I will express joy and balance in grounding my gratitude for this gift.


    I am open to Accept and Receive Unexpected good, Unexpected Resource Unexpected Love,

    Unexpected Generosity, Unexpected Offers, Unexpected Prosperity,

    Coming in unexpected ways, from unexpected places in my life and the life of others. I’m constantly guided and boldly empowered, to receive the lavish abundance of the universe! I accept the principles that abundance and prosperity have already given to me.
    My acceptance makes it real and opens space for manifestation to rush in.
    I open wide the doors of consciousness to receive and to give.
    It is done now!
    Through this Oath of Manifestation ALL things are possible!
    I declare absolutely that I live in a friendly universe that is always providing for me. I feel it powerfully happening now. I am open to receive more abundance,and to give more abundance than I have ever experienced before. I can afford anything I desire In fact I am so prosperous I need never worry again!
    I am grateful for all that I already have and am grateful for all that I am ready to give.
    I keep myself lifted in high consciousness no matter what the appearances are.
    LOVE is all there is,
    And so it is.


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