Sailing on Surrender

Sailing on Surrender


Everyone’s edge is just a stones throw away

But she’s so far at sea, she cant see me

I try to pull her back, It’s useless as I try

It seems her hearts is set on trying to say goodbye



Shes spinning, shes dancing in a trance

Spending precious moments, to cast a hopeful glance

She’s running, shes crying cannot sleep as twilight dims

Sailing on waters, twice as deep as she can swim


Frustrated and defeated, she’s been this way for years

Once passionate memories opens into fears

Turned inside herself she questions every step

She has to much to think about to hear the things I’ve said


Madness has imprisoned her, but she freely surrendered

Not as willing counterpart, but she has nothing left to trade

One never notice, the drowning of the mind

Perhaps its just the waters way of being kind




I myself am almost drowning in her sea

My weakened state has me crawling on my knees

When she left the last time, I didn’t say goodbye

But the final image of her smiling face, is all I need to fly

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